Hoxblood: The Redskins of 80s West Berlin

Sehr interessantes wie lesenswertes (auf Englisch geführtes) Interview des „Creases like knives“-Blogs mit „Ugly“, seines Zeichens Mitbegründer des „Skintonic“ und heutiger Mitherausgeber des „Rauditum“ Fanzines, über die Redskin-Szene in West-Berlin der 1980er Jahre:

If you’ve watched Chasseurs des skins you’ll remember the so-called redskins from Paris, who liked to sport hammers and sickles, but whose vaguely libertarian politics didn’t really extend beyond anti-fascism. Elsewhere, though, there were those who took the ‘red’ in redskin a great deal more seriously. For instance, Ugly – co-founder of the Red Guards, a hardline Hoxhaite (pro-Albania Marxist-Leninist) skinhead youth league in 1980s West Berlin.

Matt Crombieboy spoke to the chap who also co-founded the legendary Skintonic zine.